From the people who brought to you “10 ways to take a naked man to cloud 9” comes the another another blockbuster. Find out more ways here!

more ways here!

If you’re looking for how to exploit your man when he is naked. Exploit him sexually other than just sex, then here are some ideas that might sound interesting.

1. Touch yourself in front of him

Depending on what kind of man he is, touching yourself in his presence can make his boner even harder. You can spice this up, by making him watch you for a full minute or two before he joins in the fun.

2. Play the silent game

Here is a fun and exciting game for you naked people. It involved your hand on his penis. Whenever he does anything you like, approve it by squeezing his penis gently of course. Count how many good moves he can get without you suggesting anything to him.

3. Make him food/snack

How about blowjob with little added flavoring on the top. Add chocolate sauce or ice cream over his penis and suck with it. He will be grateful for your hard work.

4. Talk nasty to each other

Why not talk dirty since you're both naked now?

Usually when you’re talking dirty, you’re all clothed and probably far away from each other. How about one when you’re both naked, it’s bound to evolve into other things more exciting.

5. Have him begging you

Not that way you’re thinking. I don’t mean him begging you have sex, rather tease him so much that when the sex is stop. For instance, take your time journeying down his body then when you get to his tool, instead of a blowjob, get up and go about your business. He will be pissed and sad but you make it up to him. Bad game!

6. No hands

How about a rule where he cannot use his hands on your body, the allowed part of him that can touch you is his tongue, lips and oddly enough, his breathe.

7. Anyone up for massages?

You should give each massages. What a wonderful way to spend time with each other naked. If massages are like anything those porn movies portray, you both might be getting lucky.

8. Do regular stuff

Since you’re all naked, how about normal stuff. Like just hanging out, just watch TV and relax. Something will definitely come to mind.

9. Confession time

This type of confession isn’t the sin one. It’s the positive type. The one that involves saying things you admire about each other’s body. Tell him the parts of his body you’re in love with, compliments time!

10. The ice play

You must have seen this in movies. Playing with ice cubes. Here is how you begin. Hold a piece of ice in your hands and use it to trace paths on his naked body. Check out his feedback.