It’s not that reason that you think it is, she is actually doing it for you more than for herself.The first thought that probably went through your mind is that, the only reason why a lady would moan during sex is because she is enjoying it. Duh! No brainer in that one, easiest thing you can guess correctly today, but I’m so glad to inform you that you’re very wrong.

You might feel like that is the reason why she moans but it isn’t.

If we look at noises in the bedroom whatever they may be, grunts, moans, or groans. As long as they’re from pleasure or pain, depending on what grinds your gear. For some people, they like a little pain for their pleasure.

What happens because of these pleasure is that there is a lot of moaning going down. Quite naturally, moaning makes the sex better. Another thing that makes sex better is feedback during sex, if you’re having sex with someone who barely moans, the sex can be awful because you’re not sure if the person is enjoying it or not.

Moaning can help your partner know which moves is giving you pleasure so they can concentrate on that. For people who haven’t mastered their partner’s body, moaning can be ray of light in darkness to lite up the path to follow through.

Moans, grunts and groans are means of communication. The kind of communication that makes the sex hotter, it is not only signifying that you’re getting it right but also doing a good job too. Sort of giving you a thumbs up with inaudible.

The moan during sex by women is just to boost their partner’s performance, to encourage him that it’s going beautifully well, and that’s their contribution to it, that was revealed by a 2012 study carried out by University of Leeds and University of Central Lancashire researchers, reports Sarah Buchanan, Daily Star.

This study had 71 women who were sexually active and aged between 18 and 48, they were quizzed about how often their voices were heard during sex. It was found out that, many ladies have orgasms while masturbating and during foreplay with their partners. The majority of the moans came just before and during the male orgasm.

87 percent of the women said they moaned to improve their partner’s self-esteem while another 67 percent said they did to quicken the orgasm of their partner. The researchers had this to say

”These data together clearly demonstrate a dissociation of the timing of women experiencing orgasm and making copulatory vocalisations and indicate that there is at least an element of these responses that are under conscious control, providing women with an opportunity to manipulate male behaviour to their advantage.”

For men who think it’s not gentlemanly to moan during sex, that it is solely the woman that should moan, moaning during foreplay is a huge pointer that she might be inclined to giving you blowjob if you do. As Dr. Pam Spurr, a sexpert revealed to Glamour.

“Men tend to be less vocal than women, but that’s to their detriment,” Pam believed.

“A well-timed moan or groan, or pleasure-signalling phrase is often all a woman needs to fuel her enthusiasm – and it lets her know exactly when it’s feeling good.”

Another thing you can throw in to make it better is saying the three magic words, these words are guaranteed to make it better for both of you, 74 per cent of ladies and 75 per cent of guys agreed that these magic words make the sex incredible, these magic words are “I love you”.